Event management

On your wedding day, it is always ideal to have a designated voice to announce certain things that are taking place throughout the day, for example, announcing the Bride and Groom into the Wedding Breakfast Room. This ensures the day is running smoothly and guests know where to go and where. Ultimately, it takes a lot of stress off the Bride and Groom so all they can do is relax.


I am highly experienced in running events, from weddings to large corporate functions, I can be on-hand to solve any problems, announce anything important and make sure the order of the event is followed and all else runs smoothly. Weddings are my speciality as I have been a Master of Ceremonies for 15 years, starting at wedding venue New Place and for the Gray Manor Hotel and Wedding Venue since its opening. Being a part of someone’s special day has always felt honouring and I enjoy being solely responsible of announcing the order of the day and making sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. From the sentimental tears and the cries of laughter, to the later food, fun and dancing, I am dedicated to working hard in making sure the day runs on time, guests are always informed and ultimately making sure the Bride and Groom are constantly pleased and have nothing to worry about; I will rest-assure that their hard work in preparation of their big day has paid off.


As a Master of Ceremonies, I will be responsible for the following:


I have worked with hundreds of Brides and Grooms in preparation for their big day, I thereby work hard to know the plan of the day inside and out. Ultimately, I am gracious, informative and well-spoken which makes the perfect Master of Ceremonies.

If you would like me to run your day so that all goes well, please contact me via email at jasonbawa@thehospitalitynetwork.co.uk

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